Product Type: Vacuum Packaging Machine/ Vacuum Sealer

Product Information

* For Nylon; PET; Foil or paper laminated bags vacuum packing.
* Electronic timed single impulse sealing jaws with vacuum function.
* Sealing dimension 3 width x 300 long.
* Max. film thickness 200 um vacuum bag. (A small vacuum pump included)
* Can be set in auto seal, dwell and cycling time.
* Compressed air required: 500 kpa. 20 L/M.
* Electrical data: 240 vac, 400 Wat. 30% duty cycle.
* Machine dimension: 400 mm L x390 mm W x230 mm H. Estimate weight : 28 kg.

Product Features

* Fully automatic easy for operation.
* Vacuum and Gas flushing selectable.
* PC board for all electrical data setting.

Product Options

* External 1 HP, 20CM/H pump
* Stainless steel frame
* Stainless steel cabinet
* External compressor 1.5HP, 180L/M

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