Food Packaging

food packagingHelix offers a wide range of food packaging machines for integration of packaging into your manufacturing line. We offer affordable automatic, semi automatic and manual machines including band sealers, form fill sealers, tray sealers, L-bar wrappers, etc to ensure you achieve maximum efficiency as well as sanitation into your food production line. Our food packaging machines allows you to maintain the benefits of food processing after the package sealing is complete, enabling foods to be packaged and travel safely for long distances from their point of origin and still be fresh and wholesome at the time of consumption.

For additional retail or outlet needs, we also supply food packaging, plastic bags, wholesale bags, trays and much more. With a range of different sizes and colours, to ensure that you will find the right type of bags to suit your store 

See below for our range of machines which can offer the type of output you desire, or better yet, give us a call on (+61) 02 9546 6366










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