Helix Packaging Machinery

PH: +61 2 9546 6366

We are a Sydney based Australian company which provides extensive experience desgining and creating packaging machinery OEMs (Original Equipment Manufacturer) with customer specific application solutions. Our unique product mix helps customers maximize their machinery`s efficiency while optimizing their time. 

Helix Packaging's offer Packaging Machinery include Tray Sealers, Bag Sealers, Form Fill Sealers, and Flow Wrapping Systems, Weigh Fillers, Vacuum Sealers, and other sets of customized automated mechanical solutions are guaranteed to enhance the consistency and reliability in your workplace.


Tailored 3D CAD designs

Our Solidworks CAD designs ensure our clients receive the utmost professional services which visualizes how products will be packaged end to end.

 Solidworks packaging machine design

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