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Address: 75 Planthurst Rd, Carlton, NSW, 2218, Sydney Australia.

Company Profile

Company Roots
We trace our earliest roots to 1938, a time when product packaging management were being revolutionalized by emerging packaging production technology. Helix has continued to follow the trend of different innovating breakthroughs in the packaging field, always adapting to new design philosophies while maintaining our own product integrity.


The modern Helix
Located in Sydney, Helix is able to service even the largest packaging consumer. Helixpack’s continued success, has been built on a foundation of manufacturing custom designed machinery at highly competitive prices. Our design philosophy is that every machine must be maximized according to different requirements and manufacturing needs, and we take note to customize each machine according to our client’s situation.
Many other packaging manufacturing companies choose to have a third party manufacturer design and produce their machines, hence their production costs are kept at a minimum thus allowing them to turn in large profits for a machine but leaving quality control and ongoing servicing outside their level of scope. Helix with its price range, on the other hand, use our own tried and tested designs, and will continue to service and support our machines throughout their lifetime, never having the situation of not being able to repair or solve a problem due to technical knowledge difficulties. Our technicians are the same people who created the machines – we have comprehensive documentation of every potential machinery issue and work very fast to fix any work caused damage on our heavy machinery.

We have over 60 years of packaging design experience, and over the years we have learnt and adapted to emerging technologies, improving on any design which were not necessarily bad, but just had room for efficiency upgrades. As a result, not only do we have a comprehensive knowledge of many different ways of packaging a product, we also know any potential problems which could stem from different approaches, whether it’s a short term caused issue or a long term operational worn error. We have absolute confidence that we can safely maintain any of our high quality machines for many years after its factory release date.
We are also very confident in recommending a packaging solution for our clients based on their needs. This is because over the years in the industry we have learnt how our clients interact with our machinery, and based on this knowledge, we know there's always the right machine set up for whatever a client’s production line may need.


Our services
We provide the following services:

  1. General purpose packaging machines.
  2. Custom designed heavy machines. Look to our comprehensive list in “Our Products” section for general information.
  3. Retrofitting other sourced machineries from customer requests
  4. General machinery servicing, and does not necessarily need to be Helix designed machines
  5. Packaging film, customized for different packaging applications
  6. Supply of tubs, cups, trays, and vacuum bags (Consumables)

For all other inquiries, please don’t hesitate to call our support line listed in the “Contact Us” section. We work hard to ensure that you receive the most helpful service regardless of whether or not you decide to use our products.