Food Applications





Food packaging package provides protection, tampering resistance, and special physical, chemical, or biological needs. Properly packaged, vacuumed and sealed foods stored at room temperature or cooler (24°C/75°F or lower) can remain nutritious and unspoilt for months without losing freshness.

Four keys

A great food product embodies the following packaging practices

1. Protection against the elements

Products with good food packaging protection are safeguarded against transport and any possible tampering and contamination from micro-organisms, moisture, chemicals and other forms of toxins

2. Prevention of leakage/spills

Sound sealing mechanisms provide resiliency to ensure that product form remains undamaged and does not get compromised through out all stages of the product distribution.

3. Product identification, and responsible labelling

Nutrition, ingredients, sell by and used by dates are not only crucial to the consumer, but also allows retailers and sellers to track their inventory and manage their sales strategy.

4. Marketing of product to customers

Marketing is the biggest contributor to how well a product can penetrate its target consumer group. A decently package product must be able to at minimum provide the first 3 points, but also be a sound method for customer to know that the item is the right product for them.

Helix offers a variety of methods to achieve these results with our range of vacuum packing so machines to meet food regulatory requirements.


Types of packaging

See below for a list of packaging and utilities used for food packaging.


Packaging Style Type Usage
Aseptic processing Primary Fluids, such diary products, liquid eggs
Bags Primary Granules, such as chips, nuts, rice
Boxes Secondary Box of packages, such as cartons of food, cereal, pizza, pre-cooked patisserie
Cans Primary Canned goods, such as baked beans, chicken soup.
Cartons Primary Cartons of goods, such as eggs, certain types of pantry
Flexible packaging Primary Air filled salad, fruit, and frozen meat packages
Trays Primary TV dinner trays, meat, chicken and seafood products
Wrappers Tertiary Wrapping of multiple containers