Product Type: Tray Sealing Machine / Tray Sealer

Product Information

* Machine seals lidding film to trays 320x250 mm Max. Other sizes suject to discussion
* With gas flush capability to reach a less than 2% oxygin residue
* Suitable for any sealable trays such as PP. PE. PET. PVC. Cardboard or Foil trays.
* Semi Automatic. Centrally controlled by PLC. And TSC (Touch Screen Controller)
* Sealing jig with profile cut on sealing film ( 2 mm film lip out from tray edge).
* Machine through put around 6 - 10 trays/minute (operator dependent)
* Machine seal and cut controlled pneumatically. Film and jig driven by electric motor.
* Electrical power supply: 240VAC,10A. Compressed air requirement: 600KPa,20L/M.**
* Machine dimension: 500Wx700Dx700H. Machine weight: 90kg.

Product Features

* Table top operation - Stainless steel structure.
* Film length controlled by PE sensor or timeing
* Suitable for most 1 kg tray (2 off in one cycle)
* Fully guarded and safety protected.
* 2-Step Cylinder designed for Gas Flushing
* Bot Jig 460Wx350D. Cut hole 370W

Product Options

* Second jig set - top/bottom (Four hole)
* Second jig set - top/bottom.(Twin hole)
* Manual Hot foil date coder.
** Compressor requirment 12CFM.

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Category: solid

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