Product Type: Tray Sealing Machine / Tray Sealer

Product Information

* Machine caters for tray 250x160 mm Max. Other sizes - subject to requirement.
* Suitable for any sealable trays such as PP. PE. PET. PVC. Cardboard or Foil trays.
* Machine through put 20 - 25 cycle per minute per line multy by number of lines.
* Two step sealing provide integrity seal for liquid products.
* Machine provided straight cross cutting with profile cutting as optional
* Machine seal and cut controlled by pneumatic.
* Electrical power supply : 240VAC, 10A constant.
* Pneumatic compressed air supply : 600KPa, 200L/M.

Product Features

* Sturdy construction, stainless steel frame work.
* On lockable castors, easy to move for cleaning.
* Conveyor driving in indexing mode.
* Multy lines design for fast speed requirement.
* Co-Operating auto.Tray_Denestor or liquid filling.

Product Options

* Manual updated coder TWR98 each line
* Automatic hot foil date coder J27
* Auto.Tray_Denestor.
* Liquid filling
* Profile cutting
* Additional line

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Category: solid

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