Product Type: Tray Sealing Machine / Tray Sealer

Product Information

* Machine caters for tray size upto 150x200 mm. Others subject to discussion.
* Suitable for any sealable trays such as PP. PE. PET. PVC. and Card Board trays.
* Sealing jig with across cut on sealing film (About 5 mm film edge extend out tray).
* Machine through put around 15 -20 trays/minute.
* Machine seal and cut controlled by pneumatic and central controlled by PC.
* Electrical power supply : 240VAC, 10A.
* Pneumatic compressed air supply : 600KPa, 200L/M.
* Machine dimension: 500W x 1300 H x 1230 L. 80 kg approximate.

Product Features

* Sturdy construction, stainless steel frame work.
* On lockable castors, compact design.
* Index forward, fast operation and economical.
* Easy film loading system.
* Functional on the Digital Control Panel.

Product Options

* Printed film PE.registration mark control
* Manual hot ink datecoder TWR98
* Precut lid applicator
* Second set of jig, top and bottom
* Profile cutting for liding film
* Film drive for rewind and unwind

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