by HelixPackaging Howell September 17, 2018

Just to quickly validate my claims - this is my last role


  • CI/CD with Ansible to deploy new releases painlessly.
  • Atlassian stack deployment (JIRA / Confluence) via Docker containers for project management and issue tracking.
  • Redesign and development CRM platform.
  • Improvement and upgrading of legacy systems into containerized microservices.
  • Automation of backup processes through a cluster of hosts.
  • ELK stack for infrastructure and application level monitoring of systems.
  • Elasticsearch indexing of legacy project management system for immediate and quick searches.
  • Physics modelling in different simulation models with Kubernetes over a 6-node cluster.
  • Platform agnostic cloud migration with Kubernetes - ongoing.


HelixPackaging Howell
HelixPackaging Howell


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