Product Type: Conveyor Machine/ Conveyor System

Product Information

* Machine deliver all dried, granual product by vacuum sucsion
* Product start from ground level and discharge at 1,500mm hight
* Machine using a air blower to generate vacuum sucsion for conveying
* Volume controlled by timing adjusted in start and stop time period
* Storage hopper size D210x240H. Aproximate 7 Litter
*Conveying capacity around 400kg/H
* Electrical power supply : 240VAC, 1 Ph. 10A .(2,200 W)
* Machine size: 1,000 L x 850 W x 2,000 H.
* Weight estimate 100 kg.

Product Features

* Machine structure made from stainless steel
* Specially designed to convey coffee bean or granule
* Self stand up structure without any support
* 4 castors trolley for easy move around
* Easy for clean or wash

Product Options

Collections: Conveyors

Category: solid

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