Product Type: L-Type Wrapping Machine/ L-Type Wrapper

Product Information

* For PE, PP, PVC, POF, MD or other suitable films.
* Adjustable temperature both on base heat and boost heat on seal / cut wire.
* Electrical impulse for seal / cut cycle.
* Product holding table height and film opening tray adjustable for different products.
* Maximum product size: 400 mmL x450 mmW x 100 mmH.
* Maximum film thickness 150 um.
* Electrical data: 240VAC, 680Wat. Intermittent duty cycle 50%.
* Machine dimension: 1450 mmL x 670 mmW x 220 mmH ( when top jaw is down ).

Product Features

* Robust frame work .
* Seal / cut element use basic and boost heat control.
* Bench top operation.
* Spring counter weight lift assist.

Product Options

* Electrical shrink gun.

Collections: L Type Wrappers

Category: solid

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