Product Type: Metric Weighing Machine

Product Information

* Machine caters for filling low viscosity liquid such as water, oil. Etc.
* DC Brushless Servo motor to control peristaltic rotating angle.
* Machine made by engineering plastic with water IP56
* Intergraded control circuit with LCD control panel
* Machine has 6 off rotary runner (60 degree) to deliver the liquid
* Machine maximum flow rate 1,600ml per minute depending the tube size
* Machine comes with single head but can be set up total 4 heads working at same time
* Electrical power supply : 240VAC, 100W constant duty.
* Machine size: 145H x 165W x 250L. Weight estimate 6-8 kg.

Product Features

* A good way work with chamical or corosive liquid dosing
* Very easy to clean - just a tube needs to be cleaned
* A suck-back function against leaking
* Easy operating control panel to change speed or flow

Product Options

* Pump Head KZ-25 (each)

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