Product Type: Heat Sealing Machine/ Heat Sealer

Product Information

* For testing Polyethlene, Polypropolene Or laminated film under changeable conditions.
* Digital displayed and control on temperature, time and pressure.
* Provides for changable temperature (DGC.) time (SEC.) pressure (KPa.) for testing.
* Max. film thickness 300 um.
* Electrical data: 240 vac, 500 Wat. full duty cycle ( external 24V for safety operation).
* Pneumatic data: 500 kpa, 0.2 litter per cycle opertion
* Presure data: 3.55 kg / cm2 (196kg force on 55cm2)
* Machine dimension: 360 mm W x 380 mmD x 450 mm H. Estimate weight : 60 kg.

Product Features

* Bench top operation.
* Heavy duty frame work to form strong body
* Constant heat control.
* Australian design and manufactured to high quality.
* Shaped element to spread temperature over length.

Product Options

* Set of Crimp Constant Heat Jaws
* Set of Flat Constant Heat Jaws
* Set of Impulse Heating Jaws

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