Product Type: Form Fill Seal Machine/ Form Fill Sealer

Product Information

* Machine makes short to long bags for liquid type of product. Single or multi line
* Suitable for sealable film such as PE/NYLON OR PE/PET laminated film.
* Continuously running motion to form, fill and seal product in bag
* Sealing width and sealing length adjustable.
* Machine through put approx. 25 cycles/minute per line
* Machine sealing driven by motor and cutting driven by pneumatic.
* Electrical power supply : 415VAC, 10A constant.
* Pneumatic compressed air supply : 600KPa, 200L/M.(Compreesor not included)

Product Features

* Double Seal design for "No Air" Liquid packing.
* Ideally for 4 side seal sachet
* Can be Multi-Line high speed liquid packing.
* Sturdy construction and solid steel frame work.
* Fully guarded and safety protected.

Product Options

* Printed film PE sensor/registration control
* Filling equipment for high viscosity
* Stainless steel discharge conveyor
* Hot ink date coder TWR98 installed
* Matching compressor

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Category: liquid

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