Product Type: Heat Sealing Machine/ Heat Sealer

Product Information

* For sealing continually to PE. PP. laminated or paper bags .
* Sealing speed adjustable from 0 to 10 M/M. (can be up graded to 15 M/M)
* PID. temperature controller for accreat temperature control
* Furnished with Teflon coated steel sealing band, good for PE. film.
* Sealing width 5 mm (can be up graded to 6.5 mm)
* Max. film thickness 100um. (200um with additional heating jaw)
* Electrical data: 240VAC, 700Wat. full duty cycle.
* Machine dimension: 800 mmL x 500 mmW x1800 mmH . 30 kg.

Product Features

* Floor stand with lockable castors.
* Wind up / down height adjustment.
* Variable speed control and sealing temperature.
* Product feed from right to left.
* Vertical or Horizontal style

Product Options

* Additional set of heating jaw.
* Wider sealing width 6.5mm
* Band exchange tool.
* Product conveyor SLC20/120.
* Air crushing / holding conveyor.

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