*See HL-B980HPG for updated model.

Product Type: Band Sealing Machine/ Band Sealer

Product Information

* For continuously sealing PP.PE. laminated or paper bags. Max bag product weight 2kg
* Machine designed for sealing and gas flushing with a swing type of gas nozzle
* Digital control/display for temperature control
* Heat sealing with pair of Teflon bands and bags supported by conveyor
* Machine is setup at Horisontal model with light duty stand
* Sealing speed adjustable from 0 to 10 meter in synchrolisation both belt
* Hot Ink Date Coder to print 'Use By Date' or 'Batch Number' etc.
* Electrical data: 220-240VAC, 500Wat. full duty cycle.
* Machine dimension: 1,160 mmL x 400 mmD x 900 mmH . Weight: 35 kg.

Product Features

* Gas flushing to increas product shelve life
* Floor stand operation.
* Variable speed control.
* Conveyor height adjustable little for different product.
* Frame made in stainless steel for food packing.
* Hot ink date coder

Product Options

* Teflon sealing band 810mmL (spare)
* Teflon coated steel sealing band (spare)
* Machine option Left hand or Right hand

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