Product Type: Over Wrapper/ Flow Wrapper

Product Information

* For continuous flow wrapping of product with PP. PET. NY/PE. paper laminate or foil.
* Product packing size height 20 - 90mm Max. Film width 400 mm Max.
* Suitable for packing product with solid profile (One block external shape)
* Sealing jaw constant heat with perferating straight cutting knife. (200 mm Long)
* Throughput around 20 - 50 wrap/minute.
* Twin Inverter controlled motor driving system
* Continuous automatic running with PE sensor control.
* Electrical power supply : 240VAC, 10A 2200W. (Can be 415 V,10A, 3PH power)
* Machine size: 3950 L x 800 W x 1600 H. Weight estimate 1,100 kg.

Product Features

* Sturdy construction, stainless steel frame work.
* Mitsubishi PLC and TSC control system.
* Film easy loading with auto centralization
* End seal jaw running in a Box Motion (Reciprocate)
* Fin seal opened automatically when machine stop

Product Options

* Automatic Date Printer UM-P18S
* Automatic thermal printer VJ-P5075R
* Manual hot ink coder HL-P3012R
* Gusset Bag Device
* Gas flushing system
* Automatic feeding system

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