Product Type: Auger Filling Machine/ Auger Filler

Product Information

* For filling powder, granule or small particle products up to 5 KG max.
* Fill/drop speed fully adjustable up to 25 cycles per minute.
* Stainless steel framework for food packing.
* PLC control with Touch screen and driven by servo motor
* Hopper capacity 25 Litter.
* Weight Controller's accuracy +/- 5 grams.
* Electrical data: 220-240VAC, 1,800Wat. full duty cycle.
* Machine dimension: 1,1480W x 970D x 1,200+H . Weight: 260 kg.

Product Features

* Stainless steel structure
* Servo motor driven (1,500W)
* Screw size M20x1000+L
* Touch screen and PLC control
* Co-operating with weigh system
* Half hopper design for easy clean/change tool

Product Options

* Spare Screw (M20) 10mm increasement
* Screw Feeder
* Sound Radio Sensor for product level

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