Product Type: Shrink Wrapping Machine/ Shrink Wrapper

Product Information

* For shrinking PVC, POF or PE film wrapped packages
* Variable - running speed and temperature control.
* Maximum pack size: 600W x 300H x 800L.(Tunnel size: 800Wx400Hx2000L)
* Oven temperature controlled by electronic controller.
* Conveyor - Silicon coated rod type.
* Electrical data: 415 VAC, 36 Kw, Full duty cycle.
* Machine dimension: 3000L x 1170W x 1500H.
* Machine weight : 550 kg.

Product Features

* Mono-block framework on brake castors.
* Rod type conveyor chain with silicon insolation.
* Hot air recycling control
* 2 off Re-circulating fans for even heat distribution
* Variable temperature control.

Product Options

* Water approved motor.
* Stainless steel frame work.

Collections: Shrink Wrappers

Category: bottle, can, drink, liquid, water

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