Product Type: Weighing Machine/ Weigher

Product Information

* For multiple batch weighing granule or small particle product, 2.0 kg Max.
* Fill/drop speed fully adjustable for central feed and linear feed.
* Stainless steel frame work for food packing (St.St. 304) .
* Memory holds up to 99 preset programs for different parameters.
* Hoper capacity 2.5 Litter. 10 Heads. With double door openning.
* Controller Accuracy up to + - 0.5 gram. With a 7.5" Colour touch screen
* Bucket sequential discharging step for preventing filling bridging
* Electrical data: 220-240VAC, 2,400Wat. Full duty cycle.
* Machine dimension: 1250W x 1020D x 1270H. Weight: 520 kg.

Product Features

* High speed weighing.
* High accuracy
* Colour touch screen for for all control function
* Water resistant for cleaning
* Stainless steel dimple type pan surfaces.

Product Options

* Non Spring Door Device
* Stainless Steel Platform
* Collecting Bucket
* 2 Ways discharge
* Fully water approval
* PC and Ethernet net work access

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