Product Type: Form Fill Seal Machine/ Form Fill Sealer

Product Information

* Machine caters for bag size 200 W x 280 L Max. Other size subject to requirement.
* Suitable for any sealable film such as PP. PET. NY/PE. paper laminate or foil.
* Packing product suitable for powder, granule, such as sugar, salt, coffee, etc.
* Sealing jaw constant heat with PID. digital temperature controller.
* Machine through put around 10 - 30 bag/minute, can be highier for small bag.
* Machine continuously running but can be modified to index run mode.
* Electrical power supply : 415VAC, 3 Ph. 10A constant.(3000 W)
* Machine size: 1000 L x 900 W x 1400 H. Weight estimate 350 kg.

Product Features

* Machine controlled by PLC. easy operate.
* On lockable castors, easy to move for cleaning.
* Intermitten sealing motion.
* Belt drive design easy to change bag length.
* Co-operated with any type of weighing machine.

Product Options

* Liquid filling pump,
* Manual dated Date coder TWR98.
* Second set of former .
* Discharge conveyor.
* Gas flushing assy.

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