Product Type: Band Sealing Machine/ Band Sealer

Product Information

* For sealing continually to pp.lamilated or paper bags with sealing,knurling or printing.
* Sealing speed adjustable from 0 to 10 meter with vacuum suction facility.
* Medium duty design for carry 5 kg product.
* Supplied with Stainless steel sealing band.
* Conveyor belt speed synchronous with sealing speed.
* Hot ink printer for date or batch number printing (See Optional Item).
* Electrical data: 220-240VAC, 900Wat. full duty cycle.
* Freight Dimension:1270L x 810W x 1150H . Gross Weight:170 kg.(Net weight 80kg)

Product Features

* Floor stand with castors
* Vacuum suction before sealing.
* Conveyor height adjustable for different size product.
* Product feed from left to right.
* Hot ink printer for usedby date.

Product Options

* Stainless steel band spare each.
* Hot ink manual date coder installed.
* Stainless steel Teflon band spare each.
* Hot ink roll spare.

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