Product Type: Weighing Machine/ Weigher

Product Information

* For net weighing powder, granule or small particle products up to 3 KG max.
* Fill/drop speed fully adjustable for bulk feed and fine feed up to 10 cycles per minute.
* Stainless steel framework for food packing.
* Weigh head programable 20gm to 3kg. Centralised control by PLC.
* Hopper capacity 60 Litter. (500X500)X(340X340)X250+340X340X120H.
* Weight Controller's accuracy ? 3 grams. Weigh pan size 400W x 150D x 140H (6.3L)
* Electrical data: 220-240VAC, 300Wat. full duty cycle.
* Machine dimension: 480 mmW x 1200 mmD x 1860 mmH . Weight: 65 kg.

Product Features

* One weighing head with 2 stage delivery.
* Bulk feed pre-set parameter.
* Fine feed pre-set parameter.
* Free fall pre-set parameter.
* Auto / Manual selection.

Product Options

* To make electrics water resistant
* To fit 50% bigger hopper

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